Pomegranate Extract Powder

Pomegranate Extract Powder

Product Name: Pomegranate powder
Extraction site: fruit
specification: pomegranate fruit powder 99%
content: 10:1 20:1 or customized according to customer needs
Smell: natural pomegranate

Product Details

Pomegranate Extract powder is made from high-quality pomegranate and is processed with the more advanced spray drying technology. It maintains the original flavor of the pomegranate itself and contains a variety of vitamins and acids. Powdery, good fluidity, good taste, easy to dissolve, easy to preserve. After physical processing, it achieves the effect of instant dissolution.

pomegranate powder

Basic Information About Pomegranate Extract Powder:

Product Name: Pomegranate Powder 

Extraction site: fruit

specification: pomegranate fruit powder 99% 

content: 10:1 20:1 or customized according to customer needs

Smell: natural pomegranate

Appearance: light red powder, with the inherent color of the product, and uniform 

Sexual taste: sweet, sour, warm

Main ingredients: pomegranate contains malic acid, amino acid, citric acid, pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins, ellagic acid, vitamins and other nutrients

Detection method: TLC UV

Level: food grade

Solubility: ≥98%

Production process: raw material selection → raw material processing, and juice extraction → filtration, clarification → concentration → spray drying → cooling → packaging. 

Packing: Negotiate or use double-layer plastic bag, coat cardboard drum, 25 kg/barrel. 

The Role Of Pomegranate Extract Powder:

1. Pomegranate Extract Powder has high nutritional value, rich in fruit sugar, high-quality protein, easy to absorb fat, etc. It can supplement human body energy and calories, but does not increase the burden on the body. 

2. The fruit contains vitamin C and B vitamins, organic acids, sugars, proteins, fats, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium, which can supplement the trace elements and nutrients that are missing in the human body. 

3. Pomegranate is also rich in various acids, including organic acids, folic acid, etc. 

4. Pomegranate can help reduce inflammation, digestion, anti-gastric ulcer, soften blood vessels, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and other functions, and can prevent coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, can achieve stomach refreshing, enhance appetite, The effect of longevity and longevity. 

5. With insecticidal, astringent, sputum, sputum and other effects. 

Application Range Of Pomegranate Extract Powder:

Medicines and health products, health and nutrition products, infant foods, solid beverages, dairy products, convenience foods, puffed foods, condiments, middle-aged foods, baked goods, snack foods, cold foods, etc.  

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All products sold by the company are semi-finished materials, not finished products. It is only sold to companies with related qualifications such as food factories, health food factories, beverage factories, cosmetics factories, schools, research institutes, or related distribution companies. It is not sold to individuals and is not recommended for direct consumption. The potential efficacy and applications involved in the product description are derived from published literature and it’s not been evaluated by the State Food and Drug Administration, it’s only for reference. 

Our company supplies " Pomegranate Extract Powderr " of various specifications, to provide you with detailed product quotations, parameters, pictures and other product information. For more information about " Pomegranate Extract Powder ", please contact Green Spring directly. Tel: + 86-029-88313578   E-mail: sale@greenspringbio.com

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