Red Date Powder

Red Date Powder

Product Name: Red Date powder
Raw Material:Natural Red Date without pesticide residue
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Product Details

Basic Informatio
Product NameRed Date powderRaw MaterialNatural  Red Date without pesticide residue
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Product features
1.Natural, nutrition, health, including the rich dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and special special nutrients.

2. Is the human diet composition, the food additives, don't set limit to use.

3.Hrough the starch or protein structure modification technology, and can meet the solid, liquid, and solidState and so on the different status of process and product taste and so on many kinds of application features demand, given Products category differences and clear taste characters.

4. Already cure, can ready-to-use, not hot not dry (in various different type material), can be directly add to ready-to-use food in type

Product description
Red jujube rich in protein, fat, sugar and carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P and calcium, phosphorus, iron and ring phosphoric acid adenosine nutrition ingredient and so on. One of vitamin C content is one of the in fruit, are vitamin king the laudatory name.
Nutritional value
Antitumor, oxidation, fall blood pressure, cholesterol, protect liver to protect liver, enhance immunity, prevention and cure cerebral blood deficiency, and preventing cardiovascular disease, prevention osteoporosis and anemia, jujube contains and ginseng contained in the equivalent of manasseh type of silane saponins, can strengthen human endurance and anti-fatigue effect. Big jujube on the women's beauty to raise colour and menopause hot flashed sweating, moody also have transfers and control function.
Application field
Health protection products, health supplements, infant foods, solid beverage, dairy products, the convenient food, snack food, condiments, middle-aged and food, the baked food, snack food, Animal feed,etc

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