Sea Buckthorn Extract Powder

Sea Buckthorn Extract Powder

Product Name: Seabuckthorn Powder, Seabuckthorn Extract
Appearance: loose and even subdivision (100 mesh), good fluidity
Solubility: ≥98%
Product fineness: 100% over 80 mesh
Product specifications: 100% fruit powder
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Product Details

Sea buckthorn fruit powder is prepared by spray drying or freeze-drying the mature fruit of Hippophae thamnoides L., which is easy to preserve, transport and use. Sea buckthorn fruit powder is enriched with a large amount of nutrients. Ingredients, 1 gram of sea buckthorn fruit powder can only reach 100 mg of sea buckthorn.  


Basic Iinformation About Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder: 

Product Name: Sea buckthorn Powder, Sea buckthorn Extract 

Appearance: loose and even subdivision (100 mesh), good fluidity; 

Traits: yellow or orange, with the inherent aroma and taste of sea buckthorn, no odor. 

Solubility: ≥98% 

Product fineness: 100% over 80 mesh

Product specifications: 100% fruit powder

Detection method: TLC, UV

Product appearance: yellow powder

Process: sea buckthorn juice - filtration - concentration - spray drying - packaging - inspection - storage 

Applications: nutritious foods, functional foods, health foods and their beverages.

Product packaging: 1kg aluminum foil for internal use, cardboard drum for external use (25kg/barrel)  

The Main Functions Of Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder: 

Cough, phlegm, and blood stasis. For cough, dyspepsia, food and abdominal pain, blood stasis, bloated. Sea buckthorn flavonoids can improve myocardial microcirculation, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, anti-vascular sclerosis, anti-inflammatory and other effects; sea buckthorn oil and its juice have anti-fatigue, hypolipidemic, anti-radiation, anti-ulcer, liver protection and immune function .

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All products sold by the company are semi-finished materials, not finished products. It is only sold to companies with related qualifications such as food factories, health food factories, beverage factories, cosmetics factories, schools, research institutes, or related distribution companies. It is not sold to individuals and is not recommended for direct consumption. The potential efficacy and applications involved in the product description are derived from published literature and it’s not been evaluated by the State Food and Drug Administration, it’s only for reference. 

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