Antidepressant anti-drug forsythia extract

u=2629469716,4215258425&fm=214&gp=0 (1).jpgHypericum perforatum extract is the extract of Hypericum perforatum L. of Hypericum in the garciniaceae family, and its main components are dianthrone compounds such as hypericin. The German medical community first adopted Hypericum perforatum as an antidepressant prescription drug. Some latest studies have confirmed that hypericin, the active ingredient extracted from Hypericum perforatum, can treat poisoned patients with depression and has few adverse side effects. Hypericin extracted from Hypericum perforatum also has a significant antiviral effect.

The key quality indicators of Hypericum perforatum extract products are as follows:

Source of extraction: Dry aboveground parts of Hypericum perforatum of Garcinia hypericum

Place of origin: Bashan, Qinling

Raw material recovery period: June-October

Extract properties: dark brown powder

How to identify Hypericum perforatum extract

(1) 1) TLC: Hypericin, Hypericum perforatum, Hypericin have obvious spots

(2) HPLC: The fingerprint icon and the standard fingerprint should be consistent

Product industry indicators: HPLC determination, hypericin should not be less than 0.5%, Hypericum perforatum no less than 0.2%, hypericum no less than 5.0%

Storage conditions: cool, dry, and protected from light

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