Beta Carotene Application

- Nov 22, 2018-

1. Medical field:

Improve human immune function, delay aging, and prevent cancer, prevent tumor metastasis and prevent cardiovascular disease.

2. Food field

Bata carotene has been recognized internationally as a safe and effective food additive. It was mainly used as a yellow colorant in the early days for coloring fruits, creams, edible oils and fats. Later studies found that bata carotene inhibited lipid peroxidation, quenched free radicals, and reduced the damage of immune functions caused by peroxides and free radicals. So it was combined with other nutrients to add to the refreshing drinks, cakes, ice cream, Foods such as cheese further enhance human health and improve and improve the human body.

3. Feed addition

Adding appropriate vitamin A and bata carotene to the feed is one of the effective ways to prevent animal growth disorders, reproductive disorders, improve immunity, and maximize the production potential of animals.

4. Cosmetics field

Adding bata carotene to cosmetics such as lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, nail polish and sunscreen, not only the color is full, but also protects the skin.

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