Does eating carrot could protect eyes and improve your eyesight?

With the development of science and technology and the increasing number of electronic products, there are more and more eye problems such as excessive eye use, myopia, glaucoma and so on. Those people who want to protect their eyes are constantly looking for related products. Most people find the result is to take more Natural BetaCarotene, but it is not so much useful, butactually how much does it work?Now Xi'an Green Spring belt you specific analysis.

Natural Beta Carotene

Medical experts have proved through a lot of scientific research that under certain conditions, eating Natural BetaCarotene does help to improve eyesight.

it is believed that eating a carrot can protect the eyes and improve the vision, because the carrot contains a Natural BetaCarotene and the human body can Natural BetaCarotenethe carrot-carotene into a vitamin A. The vitamin A or the Natural BetaCarotenecan improve the night vision in the medical field, Vitamin A helps the eye to convert light into a signal that can be delivered to the brain, allowing people to see clearly in the light of the light. In addition, if there is not enough vitamin A in our body, the cornea will slowly shrink and disappear, leading to blindness in the eyes.

Therefore, vitamin A is really important to protect the eyes. But how many Natural BetaCarotene do we need to get enough vitamin A?

In 2005, the experts conducted a comparative study of Natural BetaCarotene and vitamin A-rich food, a group of pregnant women with night blindness, a group of about 4.5 ounces of cooked carrots and other vitamin A-rich foods (such as nutritional fortified rice, And the like).

The results show that all of the above foods have the same therapeutic effect on night blindness in pregnant women, and vitamin A supplement is the best. The experiment also showed that eating cooked carrots for six weeks did restore the vision of women with night blindness to normal levels.

However, another study of carrots has shown that β-carotene is not very effectively converted into vitamin A in the human body, and our bodies get 12 to 21 β-carotene molecules from our diet to produce a vitamin A molecule.

Therefore, compared with eating carrots, it is better to get enough vitamin A, or to eat foods rich in vitamin A directly, and vitamin A supplements are more effective than eating carrots. Moreover, eating carrots excessively is bad for your health, because high intake of carotene can turn your skin yellow and cause other diseases, and adults can only eat 200 grams of carrots a day.

To sum up, eating carrots does help protect your eyes and improve your eyesight, but eating carrots alone to get vitamin A is unrealistic and unhealthy. Vitamin A-rich foods or vitamin A supplements work better than carrots.

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