Eating grapes can prevent dental caries

- Dec 13, 2018-

grape seed extract

Grape is sweet and delicious, rich in minerals, trace elements and fruit acids. It is very popular among the public. A new study published in the American Journal of Dental Research found that eating grapes often helps prevent dental caries and makes teeth stronger and healthier.

Dr. Anna Biedran Rousseau, a researcher at the University of Illinois School of Dentistry, and his team analyzed the various components of the grape and compared it to dental health. It has been found that natural chemicals in the grapes help to strengthen the teeth and enhance the strength of the dental filling material. This finding is important to protect teeth health and prevent tooth loss. Its main ingredient comes from grape seeds. Scientists have found that grape seed extract helps promote blood circulation and improve heart function. New research has found that grape seed extract not only enhances dentin, strengthens teeth, but also extends the life of composite resin fillers (usually filling materials, usually only 5 to 7 years) and reduces the chance of tooth loss. Even with dental caries, grape seed extract helps to strengthen the remaining tooth structure, making it more suitable for filling materials, thus extending the life of the tooth after repair.

Dr. Rousseau said that in addition to grape seed extract, grapes (including raisins) usually have a protective effect on the teeth. The key reason is that some active substances in the grape can effectively inhibit the growth of oral bacteria and protect the health of the mouth and teeth.