How much do you know about lutein?

- Nov 28, 2018-

Lutein, alias carotenoids, carotenol, plant lutein, nucleus corpus luteum, marigold and plant lutein, the English name is Lutein, the molecular formula is C40H56O2, the relative molecular weight is 568.85. Orange-yellow powder, slurried or liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as hexane .


Generally found in green leafy vegetables. Lutein itself is an antioxidant and absorbs harmful light such as blue light.

Coexisting with zeaxanthin in nature is the main component of plant pigments such as corn, vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. It is contained in the chloroplast of leaves, which can transmit absorbed light energy to chlorophyll a, presumably to photooxidation and light. Destruction has a protective effect. It is also the main pigment that constitutes the macular area of the human eye.

Lutein is a nutrient that can be absorbed by humans when they eat fruits and vegetables daily, but the absorption and utilization rate is generally low. If lutein is lacking, take supplements. If you have an older digestive system, you can use a sublingual spray to supplement lutein. As early as 1996, lutein has been added as a dietary supplement. In addition, excessive intake of lutein can cause an extra burden on the liver. The recommended daily dose is approximately 12 mg.

Process flow

Marigold flower petals→freeze-drying→smashing and sieving→proportionate addition of extractant THF and KOH in ethanol solution, reaction under nitrogen atmosphere at room temperature→filtration→leaching→concentration→paste→dissolved in ethanol solution (volume ratio 1: 1) Medium→Extraction solution is adjusted to pH with acetic acid → Centrifugal removal of supernatant → Lutein crude product

Physiological efficacy of lutein

Natural lutein is an excellent antioxidant that can resist cell damage caused by free radicals in the human body, thereby preventing cardiovascular cirrhosis, coronary heart disease and tumor disease caused by aging of the body. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the only two types of carotenoids in the eye. The prevention of vision loss and blindness caused by macular degeneration in the senile eye are the unique functions of lutein.

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