Identification method of natural ferulic acid

- Feb 22, 2019-

ferulic acid

Natural ferulic acid and synthetic ferulic acid cannot distinguish between natural and non-natural by color, melting point, TLC and HPLC. The only way to test is to test its naturalness. That is to test the content of C14, generally the natural ferulic acid is extracted from the grain, the carbon source is in the atmosphere, so the carbon 14 content is consistent with the atmosphere, and the synthesized ferulic acid is part or all of the petrochemical source of carbon. Carbon does not participate in the atmospheric carbon cycle, carbon 14 is continuously depleted and consumed, and its content is very low, which is inconsistent with the atmosphere. Because the synthesis is generally of petrochemical origin, the carbon 14 content is very low. By the same token, some people also detect the proportion of hydroquinone. Or carbon and hydrogen are detected.

It can be seen that the naturalness has nothing to do with the purity of the product, mainly the index of carbon 14 or the index of hydrogen. The two are mutually corroborative, basically the same, and one can basically be measured. Because the sample to be tested and the atmosphere are a contrast value, the standard values of the atmosphere in each place are not consistent. Generally, more than 95% of the values can be considered natural, and more than 90% of the units are also available.

It can be seen that the natural products are relatively green, the process is softer and the safety is higher, so the price is relatively higher.