The efficacy and identification method of plant essential oil

Essential oils are mainly extracted from the fruits, stems, leaves and petals of natural plants. Therefore, essential oils are mainly divided into flower essential oils, such as rose, jasmine, and lavender; leaf essential oils, such as peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil; and seeds, such as almond and olive essential oils.

Efficacy: Essential oils are fats, so they are lipophilic, and because the molecules of essential oils are very small, they can easily penetrate into the skin, participate in blood circulation, and accelerate the detoxification of the lymphatic system. Therefore, essential oils have the effects of breast enhancement, anti-inflammatory and acne treatment, whitening, and pore reduction.

organic plant essential oil

organic plant essential oil

How to identify the pros and cons of essential oils

1. Fragrant smell: natural essential oils should smell of natural flowers and fruits instead of artificial fragrance. Because the aromatic components of essential oils are easily dissolved in alcohol, essential oils with low purity are generally made by mixing alcohol and chemicals.

2. Skin reaction: The higher the purity of the essential oil, the stronger the penetration. When buying, you only need to drop a little essential oil on the inside of your wrist, and then massage it with your fingers two or three times to test. The high-purity essential oil will be absorbed instantly and will not leave a bright oil impression.

3. Experimental method: Drop a drop of essential oil on paper towels, the smell is delicate, and there will be no oil stains after drying, but the fragrance is still there; impure essential oils are mixed with other oils, so there will be oil stains.

4. Dripping method: The essential oil is dropped into cold water, the essential oil either sinks to the bottom of the cup or floats on the water, but it will not spread, and it is full of fragrance. When dropped into hot water, pure essential oils will quickly diffuse into particles, while impure essential oils will only become oily.

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