Konjac Ceramide Related Applications

Konjac ceramide naturally exists in the interstitium of the stratum corneum. It plays a key role in the physiological functions of the stratum corneum. It makes the skin smooth and delicate, prevents the skin from drying out due to water loss, and contains antioxidant functions. At the same time, neurophthalamide is also involved in cell differentiation. Various physiological and pathological processes. As a physiologically active substance and surfactant, neurophthalamide is widely used in industries such as medicine and cosmetics.

Konjac Ceramide

Applied in daily chemicals

Neurophthalamide is a highly effective moisturizing agent, which is easily absorbed by the skin, and can promote the penetration of other nutrients, especially for aging skin with a moisturizing efficiency of 80%. Some well-known foreign cosmetics companies have launched new advanced cosmetics containing neurophthalamide, such as neurophthalamide-containing skin care and hair care products, moisturizing lipsticks, lipsticks, pressed powders, eye shadows and soaps.

Applied in medicine

Neurophthalamide plays an important messenger role in the induction of biological effects such as a variety of cytokines, vitamin D3, and ligands, and its role in mediating cell apoptosis has received increasing attention; at the same time, neurophthalamide is also involved in various physiology and pathology such as cell differentiation process. During the culture of epidermal keratinocytes, neurothalamine can induce apoptosis. Neurotamine is a decomposition product of sphingomyelin in the bilayer of biological membranes, and is recognized as a second messenger; and neurotamine plays a broad and important role in the process of cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and injury.

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