Konjac Ceramide Related Applications

Konjac ceramide is naturally present in the interstitium of the stratum corneum and plays a key role in the physiological functions of the stratum corneum. It makes the cells smooth and delicate, prevents the skin from drying out due to water loss, and contains antioxidant functions. Ceramide can also participate in cell differentiation, etc. A variety of physiological and pathological processes. Konjac ceramide is widely used as a physiologically active substance and surfactant in the following aspects:

Konjac Ceramide

Konjac Ceramide

Daily chemicals

The use of activating essence cosmetics containing neurophthalamide can strengthen the skin's anti-aging function, keep the skin elastic, smooth and fine, and reduce the formation of facial wrinkles.


Ceramide plays an important messenger role in the induction of biological effects of various cytokines, vitamin D3, Fas and CD28 ligand, and its role in mediating cell apoptosis has attracted increasing attention; at the same time, ceramide is also involved in various physiology and pathology such as cell differentiation process. During the culture of epidermal keratinocytes, ceramide can induce apoptosis. Ceramide is a decomposition product of sphingomyelin in the bilayer of biological membranes, and is recognized as a second messenger; and in the process of cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and injury, ceramide plays a wide range and important role.

food industry

Some of the physiological functions of ceramide have been used to develop many health foods. Such functions can inhibit the rise of blood pressure, activate immunity, hinder lipase activity, and inhibit cancer cell proliferation. Plant-based ceramide products were also officially commercialized and launched on the market in 1998. So far, its products are mainly nutritional supplements and health foods such as functional drinks and tablets, but there are not many products that actually feel effective.

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