The liver detoxification king was discovered. Eat a few mouthfuls a day. Live the liver and protect the liver from the liver disease.

- Dec 19, 2018-

The liver "detoxification king" was discovered. Eat a few mouthfuls a day. Live the liver and protect the liver from the liver disease.

Pueraria extract

The liver mainly detoxifies the human body through chemical detoxification, secretion and detoxification, accumulation and attenuation, and phagocytosis. However, people's bad eating habits can cause liver damage and affect the liver's ability to detoxify. Over time, "toxins" will remain in the body, causing the liver to "stain poison" and endanger human health.

Konjac contains glucoside glycan, a high molecular compound, which has strong water absorption. The added pueraria can dissolve ethanol toxicity and can be excreted quickly after hangover. This helps detoxify and nourish the liver.

Sesame is also the best choice for protecting the liver. Most sesame seeds are mainly black hair. In fact, studies have found that sesamin contained in black sesame can reduce liver index and has a good effect on wine and fitness.

The polysaccharide contained in earthworm has a certain protective effect on liver damage, which can lower serum alanine aminotransferase and promote the repair of liver damage. Experts have conducted studies on the dose-effect relationship and toxicity of experimental hyperlipidemia in rats. It has been found that sputum can effectively inhibit the deposition of fat in hepatocytes and promote the regeneration of hepatocytes.

Pueraria is a food that has a good maintenance effect on the liver. It has a good effect on the recovery of fatty liver and alcoholic liver. It can repair the oxidative liver dysfunction of liver cells and cause the prevention of acute hepatitis. Especially in the liver, the effect is very obvious.Burdock can also help the liver to detoxify. Burdock tea contains a lot of burdock and lignan, which is an anti-cancer active substance. It is comparable to ginseng and has the reputation of “American ginseng”. It can nourish human toxins while nourishing and conditioning with nutrients. It is very good for raising liver.

Magnolia, also known as chicory, is a special plant that has both edible and medicinal functions. It has been listed as a “medicine and food homologous” food by the Ministry of Health. Magnolia root has a good function of protecting the liver, and its extract can accelerate the presence of choline synthesized by phospholipids, thereby accelerating the rate of cell repair and having obvious protective effects on liver cells. The fat-soluble and water-soluble components of Magnolia root extract have significant protective effects on chemical or alcoholic liver injury.

Pig blood: Studies have shown that there is a trace element "cobalt" in pig blood that can effectively prevent the growth of malignant tumors, and the "trauma hormone" substance isolated from pig blood can be used for the recovery of injured tissues, especially For patients with liver disease, it is conducive to the recovery of liver tissue.

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