Main dosage form and application of marigold extract lutein

- Oct 26, 2018-

Lutein is mainly extracted from marigold oleoresin and is the most widely used component of marigold extract. Lutein is not only a food natural pigment, but also a good food nutrient. In recent years, studies have found that lutein also has the functions of protecting vision, preventing atherosclerosis, anti-oxidation and anti-cancer, and is expected to be widely used in beverages, dairy products, convenience foods, candy and dietary supplements, and drugs. However, lutein crystals are insoluble in water and are also slightly soluble in oil. In addition, lutein itself is highly oxidizable, and, as a carotenoid, like other carotenoids, lutein The bioavailability of crystals is very low, and these characteristics determine the application of lutein crystals is greatly limited. In practical applications, in order to improve product stability, bioavailability and ease of application, lutein crystals are usually prepared into different dosage forms before use, such as: oil suspension (20% lutein oil suspension) Water-dispersible dry powder (1% CWS, 10% CWS, 5% TAB, 10% TAB, 5% TAB-S, 10% TAB-S) and the like.


Lutein product dosage form specifications:

Currently, commercial lutein is mainly extracted and isolated from marigold oleoresin. However, lutein is insoluble in water and is slightly soluble in oil. In addition, lutein itself is highly oxidizable, and, as a kind of carotenoid, like other carotenoids, the application of lutein sedum Very limited. In practical applications, it is often necessary to make lutein into different dosage forms according to insoluble food characteristics or application requirements, such as: suspension, water-dispersible dry powder, etc., in order to improve the stability and bioavailability of lutein. To meet the different processing needs of food.

Lutein application prospects:

Lutein is a promising product, its application in domestic food or medicine has not really started, but as people's understanding of its function is deepened, lutein will definitely be with the foreseeable future. Vitamin E and β-carotene are widely used in food and health care products. Before the widespread application of lutein, it is inseparable from the application of its application forms. Only the products that can be applied will have a market. The new formula and new dosage form of lutein stability and application will surely satisfy more. Multi-customer needs.