New development direction of functional sweeteners-dietary fiber + sugar reduction

- May 20, 2020-

In recent years, intestinal health has become one of the most concerned health issues in the world, and the intestinal health market has also become a hot spot for companies, and has directly driven the steady growth of the number of fiber-related claims in the global market. The data shows that from 2015 to 2019, the global compound annual growth rate of new food and beverage products with fiber-related claims was 9%. There are more and more new products on the market that use fiber raw materials as the main selling point of the product, and consumers' acceptance of fiber (prebiotics) is also increasing. According to a survey, 68% of consumers said they consumed fiber to promote digestive health.

Since a considerable portion of dietary fiber can also be used as a sweetener to replace sugar, dietary fiber + "sugar reduction" provides a new direction for the development of functional sweeteners.

Luo Han Guo Sweet Fiber

Luo Han Guo is a traditional Chinese medicine and food dual-purpose food, which has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, reducing phlegm and cough, clearing lungs and intestines, and relieving thirst and thirst. At the same time, Luo Han Guo contains the sweet substance Luo Han Guo glycoside, which has strong sweetness, no calories, pure naturalness, and good taste. It has been widely accepted by the food and beverage industry in recent years and has become an ideal natural health sugar substitute sweetener. In the US market, the annual growth rate of Luo Han Guo is faster than that of stevioside, because it has the advantages of clean label, pure natural source and good taste.

The potential of Luo Han Guo is much more than that. Recently, a company in the United States launched a functional sweet fiber from Luohanguo pomace. The fiber content accounts for more than 70% of the total daily recommended dietary fiber, and the sweetness is sweeter than sugar. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), only 3% of consumers can achieve the recommended daily fiber intake through a regular diet, so there is a large demand for products that fill the nutrition gap. As a functional fiber, the product can be used as a sweetener and dietary supplement in food and beverage formulations, and can also be adapted to different applications, such as protein powders, fiber mixtures and powdered beverage formulations.

Stevia fiber sweetener

The main component of stevia is a low-calorie, high-sweetness natural sweetener, which has now become the main natural sweetener. The study also found that the stevia plant also contains high levels of protein, soluble fiber and antioxidants.

A few days ago, the manufacturer and supplier of high-purity stevioside, SECCO announced that it will start commercial production and sales of brand new stevia sweeteners. In addition to the original sweetening effect, this product will also effectively utilize the Other beneficial ingredients make it a sweetener, but also provide a series of new functions such as antioxidant, protect the intestine, promote digestion and provide more nutrition.

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