Six functions of coenzyme Q10

1. Improve the immune system

   Coenzyme Q10 has a strong antioxidant effect, its antioxidant capacity is 50 times that of vitamin E. By fighting free radicals, it protects you from oxidative stress and strengthens the immune system. The immune system is the best natural against various diseases. barrier.

2. Reduce the pain and number of migraine attacks

   The reduction of mitochondrial energy production can trigger migraine, and coenzyme Q10 can improve mitochondrial energy metabolism. Clinical trials have shown that coenzyme Q10 can even reduce migraine attacks by 55.3%.

3. Quickly improve gum health

   Studies have found that people with gum disease generally have insufficient Coenzyme Q10 in their gums. Coenzyme Q10 is very effective for gum disease. Some patients see their gum problems disappear completely in just eight weeks. No wonder there is also Coenzyme Q10 toothpaste on the market.


coenzyme Q10

4. Anti-oxidation and anti-aging, reduce signs of aging

   Coenzyme Q10's powerful antioxidant effect helps you fight free radicals, reduce normal signs of aging, and make you look younger and more energetic. Many advanced beauty and skin care products contain Coenzyme Q10.

5. Prevention and treatment of heart disease

   The lack of coenzyme Q10 usually affects the heart first. Almost all evidences show that coenzyme Q10 can improve myocardial function and effectively treat various cardiomyopathy, antiarrhythmics, angina pectoris, and heart failure. Coenzyme Q10 can increase heart failure. Viability reaches 300%. Coenzyme Q10 prevents atherosclerosis and removes low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Supplementing Coenzyme Q10 can greatly reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.

6. Protect the brain and nerve cells

   In addition to the heart, the brain is the most active high-energy organ in the body. Coenzyme Q10 can maintain healthy and active brain and nerve cells.

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