How much is known about the specific application of stevioside?

- Apr 14, 2020-

stevia extractTEATea made directly from stevia leaves or blended with other raw material teas can lower blood sugar for diabetic patients, promote digestion for stomach strengthening, hangover and eliminate fatigue, and can prevent and treat patients with obesity, hypertension and dental caries. The hypoglycemic teas on the domestic market such as (Kangning tea), Ninghong slimming tea, oolong tea beads tea, safflower tea, etc., all contain stevia ingredients, and some have been sold to foreign markets.

BEVERAGES:Soda, orange juice, various juices, ice cream, etc.

SNACK:Stevia Yikangle, stevia moon cakes, biscuits, etc., have become foods for nutrition, health care, and the special needs of children and the elderly.

CANNED FOOD:Canned fruits such as syrup, bayberry, orange, hawthorn, longan, etc .; aquatic products and canned meat, etc., containing steviol glycosides, both serve as a seasoning function and antiseptic and extend shelf life.

PICKLED PRODUCTS:Pickles such as radishes and pickled mustards are preserved with stevia. They have a long shelf life, they are pickled and delicious, and they do not rot. Aquatic products: The addition of stevioside can prevent the spoilage of aquatic proteins, and improve the flavor of aquatic products while reducing costs. Such as various canned fish and kelp.

ALCOHOL:Adding stevioside to fruit wine such as prickly pear, sea buckthorn, grapes and white wine can reduce the spiciness of the wine and improve the flavor. Can also increase beer foam, white, and long-lasting.

MEAT PRODUCTS:Adding stevioside to sausage, ham sausage, bacon and other foods can improve the flavor and extend the shelf life.

DAILY CHEMICAL PRODUCTS:Adding stevioside to chewing gum and toothpaste can not only promote the sweet taste of the product, but also reduce the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity and reduce the occurrence of caries. Steviosides have been used in various toothpastes, chewing gums and cosmetics.

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