The effect of subcritical extraction technology of rice bran oil on oryzanol

- Aug 11, 2020-


Oryzanol is a natural mixture composed of ferulic acid fats based on cyclopineapple alcohols and ferulic acid esters based on sterols. It is a special nutrient present in rice oil. It has the functions of lowering blood fat, resisting cholesterol absorption and preventing cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, it can improve and reduce the feeling of fatigue and fatigue caused by body rhythm disorders, and it can also improve the quality of sleep. my country is a big rice producer, and the annual output of rice bran is extremely impressive. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have paid unprecedented attention to healthy and nutritious products. In subcritically extracted rice bran oil, the content of oryzanol retains at least 85% of the crude rice bran oil content; in addition, the content of unsaturated oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid in rice oil is as high as 80%. Compared with other oils, rice oil also contains more antioxidants such as vitamin E and plant sterols. As a healthy nutritious oil, it has been paid attention in the international market.

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