The efficacy and effect of lycopene

- Mar 05, 2019-


Lycopene can help fight cancer. Lycopene has a good preventive effect on digestive tract cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer and the like. Lycopene is not self-synthesizing, it must be taken from food, and eating more tomatoes is important for cancer prevention.

Lycopene can help delay skin aging. Lycopene is a strong anti-oxidant pigment that helps to effectively remove free radicals from the body, maintain normal cell metabolism, and delay body aging. In addition, lycopene can also protect body and body tissues from free radical damage.

Lycopene can help protect the cardiovascular. Lycopene can help oxidize lipoproteins and help lower cholesterol, helping to prevent atherogenesis and other cardiovascular diseases.

Lycopene can help fight radiation. Lycopene can resist the damage of ultraviolet radiation to the human body, effectively help the skin to protect against sun exposure, and avoid the occurrence of sunburn, sunburn, erythema, photosensitivity, etc. due to excessive UV exposure.

Lycopene can help increase fertility. For men, lycopene can help prevent prostate disease and help improve sperm quality. Lycopene can also effectively prevent uterine and breast diseases, enhance uterine function, and help reduce the risk of infertility. .

Lycopene has a good hangover effect. The metabolism of alcohol in the human body is mainly redox, which will cause a lot of free radicals in the body. Taking lycopene can reduce the damage of alcohol to the liver, and taking lycopene after drunk can help reduce headache and vomiting after drinking. Wait.

Lycopene can also help to improve the skin dryness, itchy skin and other discomfort caused by skin allergies; lycopene is also present in the body's mucosal tissue, long-term use of lycopene can improve the body discomfort caused by the destruction of body mucosal tissue; tomato red It also helps prevent osteoporosis, asthma and more.