Process for extracting trans ferulic acid from rice husk

- Nov 20, 2018-

Microwave assisted extraction of rice husks, using the combined process of wall breaking and leaching, that is, microwave treatment of rice husks, followed by extraction and extraction of ferulic acid, by examining the power and time of microwave, and examining the microwave assisted Under the conditions of extraction solvent, water bath temperature, water bath time, reflux reaction time, pH value, etc., the preferred process conditions for the experiment are as follows: microwave total 2 radiation power 50%, microwave irradiation time 2 min, microwave water 100 ML, lye The concentration was 1% (mass fraction), the extraction time was 2.5H, and the extraction temperature was 60 °C. Furthermore, the general identification method of FeCl3-K3Fe(CN)6 mixed liquid color development, thin layer chromatography and ultraviolet spectrophotometry were used for qualitative and quantitative analysis, and the extracted product was determined to be trans ferulic acid according to the standard sample.

Ferulic Acid