What are the benefits of eating more red dates for the human body?

Red dates is one of the unique fruits in China. The size of the fruit can be divided into large red dates and small red dates. And there are long and short red dates according to their shapes. Medical research has confirmed that red dates contain protein, various amino acids, carotene, vitamin A, B2, C, P, iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc., which are beneficial to the liver. Modern medical research shows that red dates have the following effects: 

Red dates

1. can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases:Red dates powder is rich in vitamin C, vitamin P, is good for healthy capillaries, maintain blood vessel wall elasticity, anti-atherosclerosis; red dates contain cAMP, its pharmacological effects are improved The human microcirculation, dilatation of the coronary arteries, increase the blood supply to the brain and heart, slow down the heart rhythm, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and improve the metabolism of ischemic myocardium, so it can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2. Antioxidant: The rich vitamin C in red dates powder has strong antioxidant activity and promotes the synthesis of collagen. It can participate in the redox reaction of tissue cells, which is related to the metabolism of various substances in the body. Promote growth and development, enhance physical strength, and reduce fatigue.

3. Lowering blood pressure: The vitamin P content in red dates powder is the crown of all fruits and vegetables. It has the function of maintaining capillary permeability, improving microcirculation and thus preventing arteriosclerosis, and promoting vitamin C accumulation in the human body. In addition, the soap substances contained in the red dates have the functions of regulating human metabolism, enhancing immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic reaction, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol content.

4. cholesterol-lowering: rutin contained in red dates powder has the function of protecting capillaries and preventing the fragility of blood vessel wall, and is effective for diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis; the flavonoids contained in it can be used for hypertension and Treatment and prevention of arteriosclerosis.

5. liver protection liver: red dates powder in the fructose, glucose, oligosaccharides, acidic polysaccharides and other substances have to participate in liver protection and liver protection, while the substances contained in red dates can improve the phagocytic function of monocytes in the body, there are Protect the liver and enhance physical strength; 6. anti-allergy: edible red dates powder can treat allergic purpura.

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