What are the benefits of ferulic acid?

As a medicinal materials,  Ferulic acid has great function in human beings.It is also in some drugs, which can be used for the treatment of people's diseases.So what are the functions of ferulic acid, see below:

Ferulic acid

Ferulic acid is a excellent Antioxidant products. It not only removes free radicals from the body, but also prevents cardiovascular ischemic damage. It canresist blood clots by inhibiting the aggregation of platelets. And it can lower the blood lipid by Inhibiting cholesterol.Not only that, it has functions in reducing arteriosclerosis, protecting cells of blood vessels, and antibacterial anti-inflammatory. Nowadays, natural ferulic acid is not only in drugs but also in cosmetic field. Mainly Reflected InPreventing the appearance of melanin, improving the skin's ability to protect the sun and reduceing the damage of UV rays to the skin.

Obviously, ferulic acid plays a very important role in cosmetic field, not only inthe medical field.

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