What are the benefits of ginseng extract?

Ginseng is the root of the genus Ginseng plant. It contains a variety of ginsenosides and volatile oil. The main component of the oil is ginseng C15H24. Isolate saponins from roots: ginsenosides A, B, C, D, E, F, etc. Ginsenoside A, ginsenoside B and C are hydrolyzed to produce ginsenotriol saponin, and there are three kinds of monosaccharides, ginsenoic acid, multiple vitamins, and multiple amino acids. Ginseng extract has a regulating effect on the human nervous system, endocrine and circulatory system, and can be widely used as a nutritional additive in skin care cosmetics such as creams and lotions. Because it has a variety of nutrients, it can increase cell vitality and promote metabolism and peripheral blood vessel circulation. Used in skin care products, it can make the skin smooth, soft and elastic, delay aging, and inhibit the production of melanin. Used in hair care products, it can increase the strength of hair, prevent hair fall and white hair regeneration, and make the hair black and shiny for a long time. 

ginseng extract

Application of ginseng extract: 

Ginseng extract is mainly suitable for symptoms of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, bradycardia, too fast, ventricular premature beats, blood pressure disorders, neurasthenia, menopausal syndrome, excessive fatigue, post-illness, postpartum, postoperative weakness, etc. The service can prolong life and increase physical strength, and treat cancer patients with immunodeficiency caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy; it has anti-cold and heat stress effects. At the same time, it has the functions of enhancing the vitality of human surface cells and inhibiting aging. 

According to its efficacy, ginseng extract is mainly used in the following areas: 

1. It is used in the medical and healthcare industry and can be formulated into health foods that resist fatigue, anti-aging and brain health; 

2. Used in the cosmetics industry, it can be formulated into cosmetics for removing freckles, reducing wrinkles, activating skin cells, and enhancing skin elasticity; 

3. It can also be used as a food additive.

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