What is ferulic acid used for?

- Nov 13, 2020-

The chemical name of Ferulic Acid is 4 hydroxy 3 methoxy cinnamic acid, which is one of the derivatives of cinnamic acid (also known as cinnamic acid, 3 phenyl 2 acrylic acid, molecular structure). Ferulic acid can scavenge free radicals, promote the production of enzymes that scavenge free radicals, increase the activities of glutathione transferase and quinone reductase, and inhibit tyrosinase activity to regulate human physiological functions.

ferulic acid

Natural Ferulic Acid for Green Spring 

1. Anti-oxidation, scavenging oxygen free radicals. Ferulic acid can increase the activity of glutathione transsulfurase and reductase, remove free radicals, and prevent ischemic reperfusion injury of heart and brain organs.

2 Anti-thrombosis. Ferulic acid can inhibit platelet aggregation and the release of thromboxane, reducing the risk of thrombus formation.

3. Lower blood fat. Ferulic acid can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol by the liver and lower blood lipids.

4. Anti-atherosclerosis. Ferulic acid can inhibit lipid oxidation, reduce the area of atherosclerotic plaque caused by high cholesterol, protect vascular endothelial cells, and avoid and reduce atherosclerosis.

5. Protect blood vessels. Ferulic acid can reduce the permeability of vascular endothelial monolayer cells caused by histamine, and has a significant antagonistic effect on the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle.

6. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and enhance immune regulation. Ferulic acid has a significant inhibitory effect on acute capillary permeability increase, body tissue edema and chronic inflammation caused by inflammatory factors.

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