What is the effect of cranberry extract?

- Oct 17, 2019-

In any fruit, there is a VC that makes your skin healthy and beautiful, and cranberry extract is no exception. Moreover, proanthocyanidins (a kind of bioflavonoid) rich in cranberry are internationally recognized as the most effective natural antioxidants for scavenging human free radicals, and their anti-free radical oxidation ability is 50 times than VE. In 2007, the US Department of Health compared the antioxidant capacity of commonly consumed fruits, and cranberry ranked first. On the one hand, cranberry juice can resist the aging of free radicals on the skin and promote collagen synthesis; on the other hand, it provides nutrients to the skin, makes the skin younger and healthier. Therefore, cranberry can maintain young and healthy skin and has excellent beauty and beauty effects. 

cranberry extract

Cranberry has the function of anti-Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative, spiral-shaped bacterium that settles easily with infection after oral administration to the gastric mucosa. Helicobacter pylori infection is a major cause of chronic active gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. The polyphenolic substance in the cranberry extract can induce the Helicobacter pylori to be spherical, thereby inhibiting its reproduction. Moreover, cranberry causes the Helicobacter pylori which is present in the stomach to be less likely to adhere to the cells of the stomach wall, so that the bacteria causing the stomach infection cannot be propagated on the stomach wall and are excreted. In addition, cranberry provides the body with antibiotic-like protection, and this natural antibiotic will not only make the body resistant, nor worry about drug side effects. Cranberry is a potent inhibitor of gingival biofilm formation, and its composition may reduce the ability of P. gingivalis to colonize the periodontal, which can play a beneficial role in preventing and treating periodontitis. Cranberry juice prevents Streptococcus mutans from sticking to the surface of the tooth, preventing it from forming a biofilm, thereby preventing dental caries.

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