What is the grape seed extract, what are the effects?

- Jul 19, 2019-

The main component of grape seed extract is grape polyphenol, which is a nutrient extracted from grape seeds. It includes several different forms of anthocyanin precursors, the mixture of which is oligomeric proanthocyanidins, also known as proanthocyanidins, abbreviated as OPC (Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins). Proanthocyanidins are a kind of bioflavonoids with special molecular structure. It has a good ability of water-soluble, easily and efficacy to absorb into the body and lasting for a long time. It is a highly effective natural antioxidant.

Grape Seed Extract

The main functions of grape seed extract are:

1. anti-oxidation:

Natural grape seed has strong antioxidant activity, and can eliminate free radicals in the body, mainly in the following aspects: interrupting the free radical chain reaction, effectively removing superoxide anion radicals and hydroxyl radicals; promoting phospholipids, Phosphorylation of proteins and other substances protects lipids in the body from peroxidative damage.

2. Skin care:

Natural grape seed extract is very effective for skin whitening and blemishes because of its strong antioxidant activity. It is called "oral cosmetics" by European and American countries. It is also a "good friend" of collagen, which can maintain the synthesis of collagen in the body, inhibit elastase, help protect collagen, improve skin elasticity and metabolic cycle, thereby reducing the production of wrinkles; it can also inhibit the activity of tyrosinase. The structure of melanin is reduced, and the pigment is discolored, thereby inhibiting the formation of lipofuscin and senile plaques, and achieving the purpose of blemishes.

3. cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health care:

Since free radicals and oxidative stress are important causes of many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, OPC can directly eliminate oxygen free radicals in blood vessels and reduce oxidative stress damage during ischemia-reperfusion through strong antioxidant activity to protect the cardiovascular system.

4. Anti-allergy:

OPC can penetrate into cells, inhibit the release of body sensitizing factor "histamine", improve the tolerance of cells to allergens; remove allergenic free radicals, stabilize skin vascular tissue, relieve redness, itching, peeling caused by skin allergies, as well as various allergic symptoms such as urticaria and allergic rhinitis; by regulating the body's immunity to achieve the best effect of improving the allergic constitution.

5. anti-radiation:

its strong antioxidant activity, to reduce the damage of free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation to the skin, and to reduce the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation of computers, mobile phones and televisions to the skin and internal organs.

6. Anti-tumor:

According to the research of the European and American Biological Research Institute, OPC has a certain inhibitory effect on tumor cells, and has certain preventive or improving effects on oral cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Grape Seed Extract

For women's skin care, Natural grape seed extract does help a lot, but on the basis of grape seed, it is recommended to mix with vitamin C or vitamin E. Although all three are antioxidants, grape seed can protect and stabilize vitamin C. and contribute to the absorption of vitamin C; At the same time, it has obvious synergistic enhancement effect on the antioxidant effect of Vitamin E, and the effect of taking together on skin whitening and light spots will be better.

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