What is the use age of seabuckthorn powder for the human body?

The seabuckthorn plant sterol has a very good effect on the human body. Seabuckthorn is a deciduous shrub that can be used as a medicine and has therapeutic effects. The fruit is also made into a medicine, which has the functions in relieving cough and phlegm, strengthening stomach and digestion, and Phytosterols have anti-inflammatory effects on the human body. Meanwhile, it has the ability to restrain the body's absorption of cholesterol, promote cholesterol metabolism, etc., let's take a closer look.

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Medical research has shown that seabuckthorn powder have a good effect in lowering cholesterol, relieving angina pectoris, and preventing coronary atherosclerosis. The phenolic compounds in seabuckthorn are resistant to oxidation, which allows many biologically active substances to retain their activity. Seabuckthorn leaves and fruits contain coumarin, which can enhance capillary function, and can relieve phlegm, resist vitiligo, anesthesia, antipyretic and choleretic. Seabuckthorn flavonoids and other active substances have the effects of lowering blood pressure, softening blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing and relieving ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, and improving blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain. Seabuckthorn can also eliminate free radicals in the human body and improve immune function. It plays an important role in improving the body's ability to resist disease and delaying human aging. In addition, a variety of biological nutrients in seabuckthorn have a good effect on skin care, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. 

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Phytosterols have strong anti-inflammatory effects on human body, and can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, promote the degradation and metabolism of cholesterol, and inhibit the biosynthesis of cholesterol. They can also be used for the prevention and treatment of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease. It has obvious curative effect on treating ulcer, skin squamous cell carcinoma and cervical cancer. It can promote wound healing, make muscle hyperplasia, enhance capillary circulation, and act as a preventive agent for gallstone formation. The seabuckthorn plant sterol has high permeability to the skin, can maintain the skin surface moisture, promote skin metabolism, inhibit skin inflammation, prevent sun erythema, skin aging, and prompt hair growth. It can be used as a W/O type emulsifier for the production of creams so that creams are of good using sense, good durability and not easy to deteriorate.

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