Where can we get ferulic acid?

- Aug 30, 2019-

Ferulic acid can be obtained from chemical synthesis and extraction of plant material. 

1. chemical synthesis The chemical synthesis methodis mainly obtained by using vanillin and malonic acid as raw materials, anhydrous pyridine as solvent and piperidine as catalyst. However, this method has obvious defects, because the finalferulic acid is a mixture of cis and trans product. The reaction time is long (up to 3 weeks), and yield is very low.

2. Ferulic acid can be obtained from plants through three ways: one is obtained from the combination of ferulic acid and some small molecules, the other is obtained from plant cell wall, and the third is obtained from tissue culture.

3. The alcohol extract in rice bran includes varieties of sterols andferulic esters of terpenes, and the most typical of which is y-oryzanol. Y-oryzanol accounts for 1.5% to 2.8% of rice bran oil. 

Ferulic Acid

Plant cells are the most important source of ferulic acid. Studies have shown that ferulic acid esterase produced by bases and microorganisms can release ferulic acid those who is bounded to the cell wall. It is generally believed that all ferulic acid in the cell wall can be released by reacting 4% sodium hydroxide at room temperature for 24h under nitrogen. Since the alkaline hydrolysis method takes too long, the method was limited to the analysis of the most ferulic acid in the cell wall. Recently, by increasing the extraction temperature and adding the suitable protective agent, we found that 0.5% sodium cyanide concentration can release most of the ferulic acid of wheat bran in a short time, which makespractical application of alkaline hydrolysisa big possible.

Plant tissue culture method is also an important way to obtain ferulic acid. Some studies have shown that tissue culture to certain plants can produce higher yields of ferulic acid derivatives.For example, when we cultivate cell suspension of sugar beet andcorn ,we will find water-soluble glucose ester of ferulic acid, sucrose of ferulic acid, etc.can be obtained.And its content up to 20.0umol / g callus (dry weight). It follows that tissue culture method is also an important way to produce natural trans-ferulic acid. 

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