20th Anniversary Of Xi'an Green Spring Technology Co., Ltd.

On November 24, 2020, the 20th anniversary celebration of Xi'an Green Spring Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held at the Hilton Hotel in Xi'an High-tech Zone. The theme of the celebration was "Double Ten Hua Zhang, Recreating Glory". Guests from Sichuan Yingjia Hesheng Technology Co., Ltd. visited the scene to celebrate the 20th birthday with all employees of our company and witness this historical moment. The celebration activities consisted of three parts: a review of the development history of Green Spring Technology's 20th anniversary, a speech by the chairman and new and old employees, and a birthday dinner.


At the beginning of the celebration, we first watched the development video of Green Spring’s 20th Anniversary, and reviewed the development process of Green Spring in the past 20 years and its brilliant achievements. Subsequently, the chairman of the board of directors gave a speech reviewing the bits and pieces of Luquan's development from establishment to development, and summarized the corporate culture connotation with the three keywords of "gratefulness, persistence, and teamwork". Finally, Chairman Huaqiang said: "Lvquan people should continue to carry forward the spirit of Lvquan people, never forget their original aspirations, strive forward, adhere to the concept of quality to create a healthy life, and look forward to the miracle of Lvquan and Yang Fan's voyage." Then entered the dinner, in the joyful atmosphere of the dinner, the 20th anniversary celebration of Green Spring ended gorgeously.


Twenty years of spring and autumn, and twenty years of glorious glory, Lvquan people have always kept in mind the meaning of always moving forward-quality creates a healthy life! In the future, Lvquan people will always uphold this belief, keep pace with the times, walk with excellence, and jointly create a magnificent and brilliant future for Lvquan Technology.

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