End Of 2019 Year-end Meeting.

- Jan 21, 2020-

Our company held the summary of the year-end meeting of this year on January 17, 2019. The meeting started at 9:30. Colleagues from the sales department made work reportsat the first time, and detailed work reports were made from the 19-year work report, work completion, personal experience, and the 2020 work plan and goals. Finally,the sales director made a final summary of the 2019 of sales work. The sales staff have achieved relatively good results in 2019. Their performance has turned over compared to 2019, I hope to continue to work in 2020! 


In the afternoon, the Marketing Department, the Finance Department and the Comprehensive Department also made annual work reports, summed up the 19-year work situation, and planned the work goals for 2020. After the work report was completed, the general manager issued certificates for 2019 outstanding employees. The deputy general manager presented a special contribution awardas well. Finally, the general manager made a final summary of the company’s development and the development prospects and current situation of the plant extraction industry. After the meeting, all employees of the company had a dinner. Colleagues from the General Department also prepared dolls for each colleague carefully. During the dinner, a lottery was also held. Some colleagues also won the first prizewhich isHuawei mate 30 5G mobile phone. Colleagues who didn’t win the grand prize also got other prizes, which was also full of gains. 


2019 is over, let’s go all the way in 2020.