Green Spring Team Visited INGIA.

- Dec 18, 2019-

On December 11, a learning team consisting of the company's sales department, research and development department went to Sichuan INGIA Technology Co., Ltd. to visit and study. INGIA Company warmly welcomed the learning team. During the learning meeting, the general manager of INGI Anames Hua Jun introduced the current development of sweeteners in the international market and the extraction process of domestic stevia. Sales staff of both companies Also discussed and communicated how to develop customer resources. After the meeting, Manager Shen, the head ofINGIA Technology Department, led the learning team, visited the company's laboratory, and introduced related experimental equipment and the content of work from laboratory. The learning team learned about the development direction and technology of sweeteners as well as the domestic and foreign environment of market after this study exchange and field visit. The knowledge has been greatly expanded. It is hoped that the two companies will exchange more and cooperate more in the future, so as to complement one another perfectly and make a progress together.