Green Spring Technology Philanthropy

- Jan 09, 2019-

On January 8, 2019, all employees of Xi'an Green Spring Technology Co.,Ltd.went to Bailu Qinzhi Center to carry out the charity event of “Love Passing Warm Feelings”. Through the care for the disadvantaged groups, we will further assume the sense of social responsibility of the company, cultivate the charity awareness of employees, and spread love as our new year's gift.


The location of the charity event is the Bailu Sunshine Center, which was established in 2014 by Professor Wang Zhigang of Xi'an University of Technology. There are 20 children with intellectual disabilities in the center, aged between 8 and 29, and the family burden is very heavy. More poverty. Some children have diseases such as epilepsy and need to take medicine for treatment. And Teacher Wang is a university teacher. There are many difficulties and embarrassment in maintaining the disability center. Now in the harsh winter, the center urgently needs a batch of materials for the winter. Xi'an Luquan Technology Co., Ltd. immediately purchased materials in conjunction with the needs of the rescue center, and organized the company's employees to donate spontaneously. Together, we lend a helping hand to the children of the rescue center to give warmth and love.

According to the needs of the rescue center, all the staff of Xi'an Luquan brought the daily necessities and daily self-service items to the children, including multi-function electric cooker, boiling water aluminum pot, electric hair clipper, rice, cooking oil and eggs. , flour, salt, mop, broom and hoe, sewer water, thick plastic basin, single bed scorpion and other items.

After the end of the material donation, the teachers of the rescue center will lead the children and the employees of the company to play interactive games. Through the game, the children with intellectual disabilities will not be afraid of strangers' unfamiliar environment and let them walk out of their closed world as much as possible.