Shaanxi Famous Planting And Lifting Foreign Trade Enterprises Entered Xi 'an International Port Area To Discuss Warehousing Matters

- Aug 05, 2019-

Shaanxi province is a major producer of the plant extract industry in China. At present, there are more than 500 related enterprises, accounting for nearly 60% of the country. The export of plant extract has become a new highlight and growth point of Shaanxi province's foreign trade export. To further promote the rapid and orderly development of foreign trade enterprises in Shaanxi province. On July 28, the third representative exchange forum of the "famous foreign enterprises from Shaanxi province visiting xi 'an international port area" was successfully held in the management committee of xi 'an international port area.


Under the leadership of Xue Xifeng, general secretary of Shaanxi Plant extraction industry association and Hua Qiang, head of the cooperation committee of Shaanxi Plant extraction association and general manager of Xi’an GreenSpring Technology Co.,Ltd. There are 23 Shaanxi plant extract enterprises represents to visit and exchang views in Xi'an international port business area, and discuss with Wang Qi, a deputy general manager of Xi'an International dry Port bonded Company and investment and operation cadres of Xi'an International dry Port bonded Company.

The discussion meeting discussed the establishment of storage space in the free trade zone for foreign trade enterprises in Shaanxi to promote the development of foreign trade in Shaanxi.During the symposium, a deputy general manager WangQi introduce the development of Xi’an international port district to participants. There are several companies such as Xi’an Technology Co.,Ltd, Xi’an East Biological technology Co.,Ltd on behalf of Shaanxi 23 plant extract enterprises, having deeply discussion of free trade zone warehousing details such as the customs declaration, tax declaration, commodity inspection,etc.

It is understood that in this meeting, the demand for planting and lifting foreign trade enterprises for free trade area storage construction is about 6000 square meters. After successful completion, it will greatly improve the efficiency of Shaanxi planting and lifting foreign trade enterprises, promote the way of foreign trade transactions to be in line with the international standards, and enhance the ability of enterprises to resist risks and take orders.

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