Xi’an Green Spring Technology’s Mid-Year Meeting in 2019 has ended perfectly

- Jul 15, 2019-

The time is in a hurry, such as flowing water. Inadvertently, It's been half a year since 2019.  On July 12,2019, Xi 'an Green SpringTechnology held a mid-year meeting in the conference room. The meeting was chaired by the General Manager: Hua Qiang, with sales department, financial department, comprehensive department, quality inspection department, marketing department and R & D department.

The staff of each department reported on the completion of the work in the first half of 2019 during the meeting. Those staff summarized the current problems in the work, and made plans for the work in the second half of 2019 and formulated objectives.


Sales Director, Bai Yang, makes a brief summary of the work for the responsibilities of the department and the objectives of the work in the first half of the year, seriously finds out the shortcomings in the work, makes an in-depth analysis of the causes of the unfinished work, encourages the employees with good performance, and determines the working ideas and plans for the second half of the year.


Dr. Xiong of R & D has made a specific report on the achievements of the currently studied ferulic acid project, the problems encountered and the problems that have been solved, and the work plan in the second half of the year.


Hua Qiang, general manager, affirmed the achievements of each department in the first half of the year, and pointed out the problems and shortcomings existing in the work. He asked all departments not to be impatient, down-to-earth, seriously do their own work, forge ahead, and make continuous efforts to ensure the successful completion of all the work tasks throughout the year. At the same time, the former sales director, Bai Yang, was promoted to the deputy general manager of the company and Zhao Xiaoyan, the former sales manager, as the sales director. Wang Xue, the former sales director, as the sales manager.


After the meeting, we all get together for dinner, we enjoy relaxation, presumptuous laughter, usually not much contact colleagues also become familiar at this moment, Fate makes us become colleagues and family, let’s cheer and shouting for the future of Green Spring.