The Customer Visited Our Company To Conduct A Site Visit To Investigate The Ferulic Acid Project

- Oct 18, 2018-

In September 2018, the company's ferulic acid customers came to our company for a field visit. The company's sales director JADY expressed warm welcome to the visiting customers and arranged a detailed reception work. Accompanied by Director of Sales Jady, the customer visited the company's production workshop, and under the guidance of relevant technical personnel, the customer conducted the test operation on site, and the good performance of the equipment made the customer amazed! The company's technical staff have made detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by customers, rich in professional knowledge and excellent working ability, and also left a deep mark on customers.

After the visit, the client and the general manager of the company conducted in-depth discussions on the future cooperation between the two parties, and made in-depth exchanges on the future market of ferulic acid and the supply of the company. I hope to achieve mutual benefit and common development in the future cooperation projects!

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