Winter Solstice!Making Dumplings Together!

- Dec 24, 2018-

Winter Solstic also known as "Winter Festival", "He Dong", one of the 24 solar terms of China, one of the eight solar eclipses, and the summer solstice. The winter solstice begins when the sun reaches 270° of the Yellow River, and it is around December 22 of the annual calendar.The winter solstice is the most representative festival of China's 20 solar terms, because the weather is getting warmer and the day is getting longer and the sun is getting closer and closer to us. This day symbolizes that the cold is about to leave and the light is coming. On this beautiful and meaningful day, there will be different customs to commemorate the local dumplings. The southern dumplings of northern dumplings are an essential match for the winter solstice.


Xi'an Green Spring Technology Co., Ltd. organized the company's colleagues to carry out dumplings on the day before the winter solstice to commemorate this special festival. Everyone worked together to make beautiful dumplings. Although the shapes were different, everyone was happy. When a bowl of hot dumplings was served on the table, everyone couldn’t help but try their own dumplings.

IMG_3192  IMG_3186 - 副本

Bright warmth is coming, 2018 is about to pass, and we are beckoning to us in 2019. In the new year, everyone is full of confidence to create success!