Xi'an Green Spring BRC And IFS Audit Are Underway...

- Oct 14, 2019-

Xi'an Green Spring Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the IS0 9001 certification, kosher certification, and HALAL certification, and has begun to prepare BRC and IFS certification. On October 12, 2019, Xi'an Green Spring ushered in the BRC and IFS corporate audit teachers. Our company fully cooperated with the two audited teachers and provided corresponding documents for the teachers to review. 


Under the background of economic globalization, enterprises with BRC and IFS certifications can better manage and control food safety, effectively improve product quality, reduce safety risks, increase product market share and corporate brand value, and increase the possibility of foreign exchange opportunities. In the case of the same quality, BRC and IFS certified products can be trusted and favored by European and American importing countries. At the same time, the BRC and IFS certifications are also prepared in response to GFSI's promotion process in China, which may require manufacturers to have their approved food safety certification. It’s hard to pass the quality certifications of BRC and IFC. At present, only a small number of export enterprises in China have passed those certifications. 

BRC certification originates from the BRC British Retail Consortium, which is an important international trade association whose members include large-scale multinational retail chains, department stores, town shops, online stores, and other retailers. Those retailers involved the varieties of products. Retailers are obligated to provide consumers with safe, legal products. In 1998, the British Retail Consortium initiated and developed BRC food technology standards to assess the manufacturers of retailers' own-brand foods. 

IFS certification is the two largest retailers in Europe. The French FCD and the German HDE jointly issued the “International Featured Standard” (IFS), which requires food suppliers entering the EU retail market to obtain IFS standard certification. 

In 2003, due to the continuous improvement of customers' requirements for products, the requirements of wholesalers and retailers for product quality and reliability have been continuously improved. The German Retail Federation and the French Retailers and Wholesalers Alliance have evaluated the food safety of suppliers with uniform standards. In conjunction with the product quality management system, the Food Supplier Quality System Auditing Standard for the Quality and Product Safety of Retailer Branded Foods was drafted: International Food Standards (IFS). 

Through the implementation and certification process of the IFS standard, manufacturers can fully identify, control and reduce possible hazards in the food production process, thus ensuring product safety entry into the European market successfully. International food standards cover quality management, safety control HACCP systems, process control, product control, plant environments, and personnel. 

BRC and IFS certification is a process and product certification program in which an enterprise will be certified after completing a satisfactory review by an independent third party. In turn, the certification organization also needs to be assessed and judged by the national accreditation organization to determine the corresponding qualifications. 

Xi'an Green Spring Technology Co., Ltd. is also hoping to better manage and control product safety, effectively improve product quality, reduce safety risks, increase product market share and corporate brand value, and increase export opportunities.

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