Hops Flower Extract Powder

Product Name: Hops Flower Extract Powder
Botanical Name: Humulus lupulus
Part Used: Flower
Specification: 4:1 ~ 20:1
Cas number: 6754-58-1
Molecular Formula: C21H22O5

Product Details

Basic Information
Product Name Hops Flower Extract Powder Latin Name Tagetes erecta L
Part Used Flower Specification  4:1 ~ 20:1
Cas number 6754-58-1 Molecular Formula C21H22O5

Main Functions

1.Promoting the healthy of eye and skin through reducing the risk of macular degeneration, supporting normal eye functions and protecting the retina by blocking harmful blue light.

2.Eliminating free radicals, protecting human body from harm, improve immunity, protecting skin from the harmful solar ray.

3.Preventing cardiopathy and cancer.

4.Resisting arteriosclerosis.

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