Berberine HCL 97% Powder

Berberine HCL 97% Powder

Product name: Berberine hydrochloride (berberine sulfate)
Extraction source: Coptis chinensis, Cork, three needles and other plants
Properties: light yellow crystalline powder
Water solubility: melting point 145 ° C. Soluble in water, hardly soluble in benzene

Product Details

Berberine hcl 97% Powder is extracted from the roots, barks of the rutaceae plant, and the roots and stems of the three needles of the wild Chinese medicinal herbs. 

Berberine is an important alkaloid and is a Chinese medicine that has been used for a long time in China. It can be extracted from plants such as Coptis chinensis, Phellodendri chinensis, and three needles. Berberine hydrochloride commonly used is also called berberine hydrochloride. 

Basic introduction of berberine hcl:

Chinese alias: Berberine hydrogen sulfate, Berberine hydrogen sulfate, Berberine sulfate, Berberine sulfate, Berberine hemisulfate, Berberine hydrochloride, Berberine hydrochloride, etc.

Specifications: 98% HPLC

Process: Coptis — chinensis — washed — dried — coarse powder (40 mesh) — water extraction — centrifugal filtration — concentration — purification — spray drying — sieving — packaging — detection of physical and chemical indicators — into Library

Storage method: 2 ℃ -8 ℃, keep away from light

Note: This product should be stored at low temperature and exposed to air for a long time, the content will be reduced.

Function and application of berberine hCL: 

Berberine hydrochloride, also known as berberine, is a kind of isoquinoline alkaloids with various activities extracted from rhizomes of plants such as Coptis chinensis, Phellodendron chinensis, and three needles. It is widely used in medicine. It was first used in the clinic and mainly exerted antibacterial effects. As an effective component for treating gastrointestinal inflammation, it has also shown good efficacy in the treatment of diarrhea caused by dysentery and irritable bowel syndrome, and has been widely used. Application is an over-the-counter medicine for the prevention and treatment of dysentery. It also plays a significant role in regulating blood glucose and lipid metabolism, preventing atherosclerosis, antiarrhythmia, inhibiting tumor cell proliferation, and antiviral.

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