Black Rice Extract

Black Rice Extract

Latin Name: Oryza satiua
Active ingredients: Anthocyanidins, Anthocyanin
Specification: Anthocyanidins10~30%, Anthocyanin 98%
CAS No.: 528-58-5 ;Molecular forula: C15H11C106;Molecular Weight: 322.7
Use Part: seed coat;Test Method: UV
Appearance: Purple black fine powder

Product Details

Basic Information
Latin NameOryza satiuaActive ingredientsAnthocyanidins, Anthocyanin
SpecificationAnthocyanidins10~30%, Anthocyanin 98%CAS No.528-58-5 
Molecular forulaC15H11C106Molecular Weight322.7
Use Partseed coatAppearancePurple black fine powder
Test MethodUV

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Product Information
Black rice and processed products, which belongs to the rice class is determined by the class of characteristics formed through a long cultivation of gramineous plants rice varieties. Rice kernel appearance of long elliptic, rice husk ash Brown, grain of Indica and japonica in two particle mass of glutinous and non-waxy categories. Brown rice with black or dark brown, rich in nutrition, food, medicinal value, in addition to porridge can also produce a variety of nutritious foods and wine, known as the "Black Pearl" and "King of the world in rice" in the world. Most representative of yangxian black rice, since ancient times, "medicine meter", "gongmi", "life meter" in the world. 
Black rice contains protein, carbohydrates, b vitamins, vitamin e, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other nutrients of black riceElements of black rice nutrition.
Main Function
• Eliminating free-radicals, protecting human body from harm and improving immunity.

• Lowering blood pressure and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

• Improving night vision capability, protecting and regenerating retinal purple.

• Treating eye diseases such as pigmentosa ,retinitis,glaucoma,and myopia.

• Improving myocardial nutrition, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption and other effects.

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