Botanical Source:itrus Aurantium
Active Ingredient:98% Diosmin, Diosmin:Hesperidin 9:1
Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
Particle Size:100% Pass 80mesh
Application:Pharmaceutical Products
Molecular Formula:C28H32O15
Molecular Weight:608.54
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Botanical Source

itrus Aurantium

Part UsedruitActive Ingredient98% Diosmin, Diosmin:Hesperidin 9:1
AppearanceLight Yellow PowderParticle Size100% Pass 80mesh
ApplicationPharmaceutical ProductsMolecular FormulaC28H32O15
Molecular Weight


Main Function

1. Diosmin can be used to treat various symptoms of intravenous and lymphatic insufficiency, such as venous edema, soft tissue swelling.

2. Diosmin can be used for the treatment of heavy limbs, numbness, pain, morning sickness, thrombophlebitis and deep venous thrombosis, etc.

3. Diosmin can be used for the treatment of symptoms of acute hemorrhoids (such as anal dampness, itching, hematopoiesis, pain, etc.).

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