Hedera Helix Extract

Hedera Helix Extract

Product Name: Ivy leaf extract/Hedera helix extract
Used Part: Stem & leaf
Appearance: Brownish-green fine powder
Active Ingredient & Specification :Hederacoside C 10%;Hederacosides 5%- 20%;Hederagenin 10%
Extract ratio: 10:1
CAS No: 14216-03-6;Molecular Formula: C59H96O26;Molecular weight: 1221.38
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Product Details

Basic Information

Product NameIvy leaf extract/Hedera helix extractUsed PartStem & leaf
AppearanceBrownish-green fine powderExtract ratio10:1   
Active Ingredient & SpecificationHederacoside C 10%;Hederacosides 5%- 20%;Hederagenin 10%
CAS No14216-03-6Molecular FormulaC59H96O26
Molecular weight1221.38

Hederagenin is a triterpenoid which is a chemical constituent of the Hedera helix plant.

Hederagenin is the aglycone part of numerous saponins found in Hedera helix (common ivy). The most prevalent of these being hederacoside C and alpha-hederin. It is also one of three primary triterpenoids extracted from the Chenopodium quinoa plant categorized by the EPA as a biopesticide. HeadsUp Plant Protectant is made up of approximately equal ratios of the saponin aglycones oleanolic acid, hederagenin, and phytolaccinic acid and is intended for use as a seed treatment on tuber (e.g. potato seed pieces), legume, and cereal seeds or as a pre-plant root dip for roots of transplants, at planting, to prevent fungal growth, bacterial growth, and viral plant diseases.

Main Function
• Ivy has the treatment of joint pain and lower back pain;

• Ivy can effectively resist to carcinogenic substances in the nicotine;

• Ivy has the function of promoting blood circulation and detoxification

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