Lutein 10% Marigold Flower Extract

Lutein 10% Marigold Flower Extract

Product name: Marigold Extract
Active ingredients: lutein HPLC 5% -90%; zeaxanthin HPLC 5% -60%; lutein fatty acid ester HPLC 5% -70%
Product appearance: orange powder / dark red powder (lutein fatty acid ester)
Detection method: HPLC
Function: Reduce damage to sensitive parts of eyes
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Product Details

Lutein 10% marigold flower extract is a substance extracted from the marigold of the compositae, Marigold (Tagetes erectaL) is an annual herb belonging to the genus Asteraceae. It blooms from August to September and is native to Mexico. It is currently planted in large areas in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Yunnan. 

The substance extracted from marigold extract is the main raw material for extracting lutein and carotenoids. The average yellow pigment content is not less than 12 grams per kilogram. This pigment is a natural pigment without pollution. Lutein ester is an important carotenoid fatty acid ester. It is a compound formed by one molecule of lutein and one or two molecules of fatty acids.Such as lutein, it is a naturally occurring species in nature. nutrient content. Lutein ester is extracted from marigold flower: it can be naturally decomposed into lutein in the human body, and the new resource food lutein ester approved by the Ministry of Health is the source of lutein. 

Functions and applications of marigold: 

Application: Marigold extract is widely used in food, feed, medicine and other food and chemical industry fields. It plays an important role in improving product color and is an indispensable additive in industrial and agricultural production. 

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All products sold by the company are semi-finished materials, not finished products. It is only sold to companies with related qualifications such as food factories, health food factories, beverage factories, cosmetics factories, schools, research institutes, or related distribution companies. It is not sold to individuals and is not recommended for direct consumption. The potential efficacy and applications involved in the product description are derived from published literature and it’s not been evaluated by the State Food and Drug Administration, it’s only for reference. 

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