Milk Thistle Extract

Milk Thistle Extract

product name: Water Soluble 70% 80% 98% Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin Powder
Active ingredient: Silymain
Molecular: C25H22O10
Specification: silymarin 80% UV/ silymarin 50-60% HPLC/ Silybin 30%HPLC
Test Method: HPLC/ UV
Appearance: Light yellow fine powder with characteristic odor.

Product Details

Information of Milk thistle extract:

Botanical Name: Silybum marianum. (L.) 

Active ingredient: Silymain

Molecular: C25H22O10

Specification: silymarin 80% UV/ silymarin 50-60% HPLC/ Silybin 30%HPLC

Test Method: HPLC/ UV

Appearance: Light yellow fine powder with characteristic odor.

Package: 1kg/foil bag, or 25kg/drum

Taste: Bitter, Cool 

Channel Tropism: Meridian tropism and cholestasis 

Functions: Clearing away heat and detoxifying, protecting liver, gallbladder, keeping bran and anti-X-ray

Ingredients of Milk thistle extract:

The whole plant contains flavonoids and fumaric acid. The seeds mainly contain flavonols, silibinin,dehydrogenated silibin and silibinin polymer, cinnamic acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, arachidic acid and so on.

Milk thistle

Description of Milk thistle extract:

Milk thistle extract is a thistle of the genus Silybum Adans., a flowering plant of the daisy family (Asteraceae). They originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The name "milk thistle" derives from two features of the leaves; they are mottled with splashes of white and they contain a milky sap. Of all the herbal supplements you will find for sale on our site, milk thistle extract may be the most intriguing. silymarin is extracted from the seeds of milk thistle which is of medicinal asteraceae plant. It is yellow powder or crystal powder and tastes bitter. Milk thistle extract is widely used in medicines, health products, cosmetics and foods.

Function of Milk thistle extract:

1. Milk thistle extract has the functions of protecting liver cell membrane and improving the liver function.

2. Milk thistle extract has the function of detoxification, reducing the blood fat, benefiting the gallbladder, prot.

3. Milk thistle extract has the function of radiation hardening, arteriosclerosis preventing, and skin-aging delaying.  ecting the brain and removing the free radical of body.

4. Milk thistle extract is widely used in drug, health products, food and cosmetics.




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