Product name: Phytosterol
Specification: 95%
Botanical source: Phytosterol is refined from vegetable oil.
Appearance: white crystal powder
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Product Details

Basic Information

Product name: Phytosterol

Specification: 95%
Botanical source: Phytosterol is refined from vegetable oil.
Appearance: white crystal powder


Main Function

• Phytosterol has strong antiinflammatory effect to human body, can inhibit the absorption of human body for 

cholesterol, promote the degradation of cholesterol metabolism, inhibit cholesterol biochemical synthesis;

• Prevents and treats coronary atherosclerosis heart disease, good for ulcers, skin squamous carcinoma and 

cervical cancer, promotes wound healing, makes muscle proliferation, enhances capillary circulation;

• Used for steroidal drugs and production material of vitamin D3;

• Good for skin care and hair care.

Main Appliction

1. Steroid Drug Synthesis: can be used for the synthesis of steroid hormones and a variety of corticosteroid drug.

2. Foods field: can be used as a nutritional supplements regulator to add in foods,health care products.

3. Clinical medicine: can be used in these products ,such as lowering cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-ulcer effect.

4.  Daily chemicals: can be used as skin nutrients, emulsifier, regulator to add in the cosmetics, cream and shampoo etc.