Refined Rice Bran Wax

Refined Rice Bran Wax

Appearance: yellowish granular
Melting Point (ºC): 70-75
Saponification Value: 85-120;Acid Value 3-15;Iodine value: 5-25;Wax Content %: 80-85;Oil Content %: 10-15;Glue Impurity %: 5-10
Oil Absorption test: ±40ºC, not to penetrate oi in 24 hours
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Basic Information
Appearanceyellowish granularMelting Point (ºC)70-75
Saponification Value85-120Acid Value 3-15
Iodine value5-25Wax Content %80-85
Oil Content %10-15Glue Impurity %5-10
Oil Absorption test±40ºC, not to penetrate oi in 24 hours
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Used as source of high-carbon aliphatic alcohol (22-34 alkyl alcohol). 

Used as antistaling agent for fruit and vegetable to improve preservation quality and perfect appearance,

Used as food additive in food package, chewing gum and other sugar. 
Be used in high-grade shoeshine, floor wax and glazing wax for furniture, car and equipment, leather retouching agent, etc. 
Be used in printing ink, carbon paper ink, stencil paper, as paper retouching agent and additive. 
As electric insulation material.

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