Saw Palmetto Extract

Name: Saw Palmetto Extract
Botanical Name: Serenoa Repens
Active ingredient: Fatty Acid
Specification: Total Fatty Acid 25% ~ 45% Oil 85%-95%
Appearance: Light yellow to white fine powder

Product Details

Saw Palmetto extract is a botanical extracted from the mature dry fruits of Saw Palmetto, and its main active ingredient is fatty acid. At present, studies have shown that it has anti-tumor effects and is often used to treat male prostatic hypertrophy.

Source plant

[Base source]: Serenoa repens (bartram) small in the palm family.

[Alias]: Blue brown, Sabah brown.

[English name] :Saw palmetto.

[Medicinal parts]:Dry fruit.

[Origin]: In the coastal areas of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in the southeastern United States, especially Florida, my country has not yet discovered saw palmetto resources.

[Plant morphology]: Saw palmetto is an evergreen shrub, 3~5m high, palm-shaped, deeply divided, 40~90cm wide. There are thorns on the petiole and leaf edge, hence the name "saw leaf". It grows 3 to 7 leaves every year, and each leaf has a lifespan of about 2 years. Buddha flame inflorescence, 0.5-0.75m long, can open 5 inflorescences each time, usually 1 to 3 inflorescences. There are thousands of flowers on each inflorescence, and the small flowers are white. The bisexual flower is 5-6mm long and is surrounded by 3 white petals. Each flower has 6 stamens and 1 pistil. Berry-shaped drupe, oval, 5-13mm in diameter, blue-green when ripe.

chemical composition

Saw palmetto contains digestible carbohydrates, oils and other nutrients, of which 2/3 of the oils are free fatty acids, including capric acid, caprylic acid, caproic acid, lauric acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid. These substances are edible and medicinal.

Pharmacological activity

1. Anti-cancer activity

In vitro experiments found that Saw Palmetto extract caused prostate cancer cell growth inhibition and pro-apoptosis, and inhibited human breast cancer cell proliferation in a dose-dependent manner.

2. Effect on the genitourinary system

Saw palmetto extract (sabate) has a significant therapeutic effect on benign prostatic hyperplasia with overactive bladder. Saw palmetto fruit extract can increase the blood supply of male sexual organs, thereby improving the regulation of endocrine on sexual function. It has the effect of treating impotence.

3. Antibacterial effect

Contains natural bactericidal factor phytate piene, which directly destroys the pathogen DNA polymerase, destroys drug-resistant strains, and kills pathogenic plasmids.

Extraction process

The researchers investigated the extraction process of fatty acids from saw palmetto fruits. On the basis of single factor experiments, the extraction process of fatty acids in saw palmetto fruits was explored through a four-factor four-level quadrature rotation orthogonal combined experiment design. The best process parameters obtained are: raw material particle size 60 mesh, 20 times the amount of solvent, extraction temperature 60°C, extraction time 2 hours, fatty acid content over 90%, yield 11.4%.


Saw Palm Oil Preparation

Saw palm oil extracted from saw palm fruit is used as raw material, β-cyclodextrin is used as auxiliary material, and the oil encapsulation process is adopted to convert saw palm oil into powdery products, which is convenient for preparation and consumption. The properties of the product are generally white-like powder with slightly poor fluidity.


The content of saw palm oil is generally calibrated by total fatty acids, including saturated and unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. The general oil content is between 90%-95% and is detected by the gas-mass spectrometry method. Detect the content of 13 kinds of monomer fatty acids.

Clinical application

According to "United States Pharmacopoeia", "British Pharmacopoeia" and literature records, the fruit of saw palmetto has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, expectorant and asthmatic, sedative, antispasmodic, regulation of endocrine, inducing spermatogenesis, promoting breast growth and development and lactation ability, and diuretic , Promote appetite and anti-tumor effect. It can treat more than 50 diseases such as alcoholism, headache and rheumatism.

Application prospects

Saw palm fruit extracts are classified into two types: "saw palm oil" and "saw palm extract". At present, there are at least one or two hundred kinds of saw palmetto BPH treatment agents in the international market (most of them are capsules, a few are tablets or other dosage forms), all of which are natural prostatic hypertrophy treatment agents with significant curative effects. Has become a best-selling product in the international market. The saw palmetto preparations produced by German pharmaceutical companies such as "Baoruzhi" and "Anti-Forefront" have entered the Chinese market. Both of these products are compound botanical preparations. In addition to the main drug saw palmetto, they also contain other antibacterial and anti-inflammatory natural substances such as β aescin and solidago. Health products and "green cosmetics" made with saw palmetto as raw materials have also come out one after another and are expected to become new best-selling varieties in the market.

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