Part:whole herb
Appearance:Orange powder
Test method:HPLC
Structure:Hot sale organic food grade marigold extract lutein/zeaxanthin

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Basic Information
Product Name
Partwhole herbAppearanceOrange powder
Test methodHPLCStructureHot sale organic food grade marigold extract lutein/zeaxanthZin

Zeaxanthin Description

Zeaxanthin is a bioflavonoid (or flavonoid), which is a type pigment found in almost all herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Bioflavonoids provide the body with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection, and are one of the main reasons fruits and vegetables are so healthy to eat. Zeaxanthin belongs to a group of bioflavonoids known as carotenoids, a group that is further subdivided into two groups: carotenes and xanthophylls. Zeaxanthin is one of the xanthophylls, which are found most abundantly in dark, leafy green vegetables, and are crucial to the good health of the eyes. The retina of the eye actually contains a lot of zeaxanthin, which is why it is so important to include this carotenoid in your diet. 

Main Function

1.Zeaxanthin can protect eyesight, prevent it from descending. Protect yellow membrane in retina, inhibit macula lutea from degeneration and blurred vision. Anti-oxidation, inhibit harmful free radical from forming. Protect retina, absorb a great quantity blue light which enters our eyes

2.Lutein have the lower macular pigment density, cut down the incidence of cataract.

3.Anti-oxidation, inhibit the activity of active oxygen-derived free radicals.

4.Inhibit artery wall from thickening and arterial embolism, cut down the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, delay arteriosclerosis.

5.Antitumous effect, inhibit breast carcinoma, carcinoma of prostate, rectal cancer, skin cancer, etc.

6.Zeaxanthin is natural pigment, strong tinting power, dosage low, color bright-colored.

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