Citrus Extracts Product

Citrus Extracts Product

Product Name: Citrus Aurantium Extracts Synephrine Synonym: Oxedrine Molecular formula: C19H13NO2 Molecular weight: 167.20 CAS: [94-07-5] Appearance: Light brownish yellow or white-like powder Content: 30%-98% Used to support calorie burning and resulting weight loss
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Citrus Extracts Product

Plant Resource: Citrus aurantium L.

CAS No.: 520-26-3
Specification: 95-98% HPLC

Appearance: Light Cream Yellow Fine powder


CAS No.: 478-01-3
Specification: 10-90% HPLC

Appearance: Light Cream Yellow Fine powder

Cas No.: 94-07-5 
Specification: 30-98% HPLC

Appearance: Light Brown to White Fine powder

CAS No.: 1180-71-8
Specification: ≥98% HPLC

Appearance: White or white-like powder

Citrus Bioflavonoids
CAS No.:520-26-3
Specification:90-95% UV

Appearance: Light Brown powder


CAS No.:13241-33-3 
Specification: ≥95% HPLC

Appearance: Off white/white-like powder

Citrus Derivatives Products:

CAS No.: 520-27-4 
Specification: 90-95% HPLC

Appearance: Greyish-yellow or light yellow hygroscopic powder

Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone 
CAS No.: 24292-52-2 
Specification: ≥ 98% UV

Appearance: Fine Yellow powder

CAS No.: 520-33-2
Specification: ≥95% HPLC
Appearance: Light Cream Yellow Fine powder
CAS No.: 3615-41-6 
Specification: ≥95% HPLC 
Appearance: Light Cream White Fine powder
Methyl Hesperidin
CAS No.: 11013-97-1
Specification: ≥94% UV
Appearance: Yellow Fine powder

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