Successful Participation In The Fifth FI&CPHI Korea Exhibition.

- Sep 19, 2019-

"CPHI Worldwide" is a large-sacle, high-quality and most well-known trade exhibition in the world's pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates industry. It was successfully held in Japan, North America, Thailand, Middle East and India. FI Korea and CPHI Korea was held in the same place from August 21st to 23rd, 2019. The two exhibitions will be combined to create food, health and natural products for exhibitors and purchasers who continue to open up the East Asian market. This exhibition includes: raw materials, excipients and dosage forms, botanical extracts, animal extracts, traditional Chinese medicine raw materials, functional food raw materials, healthcare raw materials, nutraceutical raw materials, supplements, dietary fiber, beauty cosmetic raw materials, biological product reagents, planting industry related technical service. 


On August 21, 2019, our vice president and sales manager of Xi'an GreenSpring Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition. The exhibition has a total exhibition area of 7,200 square meters and 261 exhibitors from 23 countries. The exhibition has received tens of thousands of visitors in three days.Visitorsare from 65 countries and regions, mainly from China, India, Vietnam and Philippines and several five countries. Among them, there are 76 exhibitors in China, accounting for 29%. According to on-site consultation, in 2020, the organizer will expand the exhibition area, and it is expected that the number of booths and the number of exhibitors will increase significantly. The plant extract industry is a sunrise industry in recent years. Natural plant extracts are not only used in the food additive industry, but also used in the health care,cosmetics,pharmaceutical industry in recent years. The impact on the people has also become increasingly prominent. 

At the exhibition, we also visited the old customers who had been cooperating before, and further communicated on the current cooperation situation, which also enhanced the feelings and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.At the same time, we also visited potential customers in order to increasethe trust and look for opportunities for later cooperation. We also communicated with multiple peers to understand industry trends and development prospects. Xi'an GreenSpring Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the plant extract industry for 18 years, and we firmly believe that it will be recognized by customers with product quality and service.

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